Friday, November 13, 2009

Things I am grateful for, brought into sharp relief yesterday, as I suffered with a nasty queasy illness:

1. My boyfriend. He took such good care of me--- tracked down grape juice, the only thing I could imagine consuming, brought home a digital thermometer (fever was 101.5!), researched my symptoms on the internet to quell my disaster-prone fears of swine flu and rapid death.

2. My job. I showed up at school feeling like a pile of poop, "taught" three classes (to the junior high: "take out your journal and write about something for ten minutes"), got loads of sympathy and hugs from my teenaged students, left after lunch. Granted, being a teacher is often hard thankless work, but being a teacher at Nonesuch is sweet like candy corn. I teach what I want, in a quiet country setting, and when I'm sick, my Advanced Comp class dutifully writes in-class essays on Lysistrata while I lay my head on my arms. They are extra quiet and obedient.

3. My home. As I lay on the couch in bone-aching misery, too weak to lift my head off the pillow for a sip of liquid, all I could do was watch the orange and yellow sycamore leaves sway gently in the breeze as sunlight poured in through the huge living room windows.

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