Thursday, February 4, 2010

Another Revolution

In memory of Dennis, who would have been (unbelievable) 47 years old today.


loss is sudden

no time to back up
no chance to retreat

then: you're not even a heartbeat

but you made everything happen
like magic, it was done

forget Marx and Lenin
your revolution was fun

your dead tunes your incense your 80s tight jeans
your rebellion your sadness your impossible dreams

all glowing red inside the coziest lair
socialist provocateur meets mechanic extraordinaire

fall in love with a broken heart, they said
go ahead, if you dare

but breaking the rules never felt better
bamboo windows and borders,
we snuck through them together

june green silver wet night
i was the sky, and you were my weather

those weeks of scheming through dense jungle heat
rainbows and water slides, two hearts, one beat---

escapes usually come with a price
but if i had to do it over again i wouldn’t think twice

wouldn’t wish for a warning beneath the tropical moon
forever and always the warning would come too soon

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