Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Office

Sitting in my office at SSU, for the last time this year, feeling a bit blue.

One student e-mailed already to say she was sad to leave the classroom this morning, she really enjoyed the class.

Another lingered after class to chit chat about her future plans.

Another student just blew into the office with sleep creases on her cheeks to hand in her final essay.

This leaves only one no-show student for the final day of class, but I'm worried. She's the one who sits front and center with a huge smile on her face, who comes to my office hours after every single class, who always needs to work on her thesis statement, who tells me things like "you feel like my big sister." Last week she bemoaned the end of the semester because we wouldn't be hanging out anymore. She has a tendency to oversleep.

Sigh. My hungry minds chews on worry:
How much longer can I wait for her to show?
How will she pass the class if she doesn't hand in her final essay?

I could have left this office half an hour ago. I've got keys and a copy card to hand in. I've got my class evaluations sitting in the English department, can't wait to go and read them. I've got three other English classes to teach today. I've got a dining table full of crafting materials and a coffee belly begging for carbohydrates.

If she isn't here in seven minutes, I'm going to turn off the light, lock the door, and head out into the gray mist. It won't be easy, but neither is being a teacher, neither is saying good-bye.


  1. Did she make it??? If not, did you hunt her down and demand that she turn it in? I really want her to pass :-( It's tough that in this life, we can't force people to do what we think is best, eh?

  2. Follow-up: the "no-show" student has since tracked me down at Nonesuch (by telephone), invaded my in-box with not just her final essay, but all manner of extra credit assignments and well wishes and apologies. Whew.