Monday, June 13, 2011

Lake of Tears

The hot sun reigned over our end of the year Nonesuch camping trip.
It was glorious!

I swam across Lake Mendocino with Jackie in tow
I swam until my neck ached
I swam like I hadn't seen water in years
I swam laps of butterfly and sidestroke
I swam until I turned brown
I swam until I could not possibly swim another stroke...

and then I water-skied! I felt my arms getting sore and my wet hair flapping behind me and I let out a whoop of joy and the kids on the boat cheered me on and when I finally let go of the rope, I swam a little bit more.

Back in Sebastopol after the 3-day trip, we were all totally spent. In the parking lot of the community center, I hugged students and parents and co-workers good-bye, and (just like at graduation a few days before) I waited for the tears that just didn't come.

For the six years I've worked for her, I've never known Lynne to gush. She's not a hugger or a sentimentalist. I didn't want some awkward goodbye full of inadequate words to express my deep gratitude to her for letting me grow up as a teacher at her school. Instead I caught her eye and blew her a kiss. She did the same.

After we got home, unpacked the camping gear, popped open the champagne--that's when the tears came. And though it's been a few days, they keep coming.

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