Friday, July 29, 2011

Some Ideas For Improving My Blog:

1. Include photos with the posts. Everyone (including me) enjoys some nice visual stimuli to accompany the otherwise verbally-insistent chronicles of the life of a 32 year-old woman "in transition."

2. Post more videos, songs, and links to outrageously enticing things, like the Paddy-Cake Cats and the Drunk Baby! 2a. Learn how to insert such links.

3. Vary the content: less solipsism, more cultural critique; less narcissistic blather, more meaningful social commentary.

4. Find A Focus. Not something already-taken and obvious, like DIY projects and veganism, but something catchy and mind-bending, like Why the 90s Were Awesome and Under-appreciated.

5. Make controversial claims that elicit unruly commentary. Respond to commentary.

6. Join Facebook, post a link to my blog, and watch the readership spike, along with my self-esteem and overall feeling of love and connectedness in this otherwise isolating behemoth of 21st century intimacy.


  1. Facebook = gift to the ego.

    Number 5, I completely disagree with...