Wednesday, May 16, 2012

In other news...

I've neglected my blog for a few weeks, mostly because of my inability to find a suitable topic to pursue that is outside the realm of motherhood. I don't want to become someone who can ONLY write about things like breastfeeding and whether or not to vaccinate our newborn. I don't want to be a mom whose entire world is her baby. So I toyed around with some topics--

1. Obama finally supports same-sex marriage! It's about time! Way to go! To those who still oppose it: it's not gay people who are threatening the institution by wanting in on it, it's young straight people who are marrying less than ever before. If anything, same-sex marriage can only help to save marriage from becoming obsolete!

2. Why I love having cable, after a decade without: Leslie Knope, of Parks and Rec, who is my all-time favorite TV character, who is impossible to watch without smiling, who delightfully proves that people are always more than the sum total of their ideologies.

  3. How to save money: walk everywhere, always take home leftovers, take advantage of the library, split meals at restaurants, go shopping in your own closet, pick flowers in the neighborhood instead of buying them from Trader Joe's, grow your own salad greens, let the sun dry your clothing...

4. The White Tiger, by Aravind Adiga, the best novel I've read in a long time. If you want to laugh AND ache, learn all about modern India, feel the kinship of a beloved narrator who is both a servant and a murderer, get swept into a furiously-driven plot that is impossible to put down... then don't delay. Get this book now!--

but nothing seemed meaty enough for a post all its own.

In essence, spring is treating me very well (save the awful allergies), as M and I go mad with planting (dahlias, begonias, arugula, sage, gypsy peppers, to name just a few) and Mallory, our little blossom, continues to delight us. At nine weeks, she coos and screeches and plays with her tongue. She weighs ten pounds, twelve ounces. She tracks us with her eyes when we leave the room, and wants, more than anything, to be close. It really is like falling in love... and so, even though this post isn't about her, everything else is. And for now, that's just fine with me.


  1. Every country I've gone to dries their clothing on racks outside (or inside if needed). Jack in New Zealand was positively shocked and appalled all Americans waste money and energy on dryers! I suppose I should get a rack when I get home...

    And the other reason I've posted, of course: she's changed so much!! I can't WAIT to see her! And you. :P

    Also, do you read these comments? Haha.

  2. Ha! Of COURSE I read my comments; it thrills me to see that someone has bothered to leave one...

    I've just never been sure about commenting back on a comment... am I to assume that the commenter will ever see my response? I guess time will tell, Zoe...

    1. Haha! It's lucky I checked your blog for an update tonight then. I miss youuuu! Can't wait to see you and Michael and Mallory!

  3. Love this entry Jessie! I have to admit- Parks and Recreation is my favourite TV show too! And I absolutely love Leslie. Also- thanks for the suggestion for a good read. I've been reading some classics that I hadn't gotten around to yet (such as A Tale of Two Cities) but now I am really looking for something more modern. I'll be sure to pick up The White Tiger before I head off to Nicaragua.